Automatically transferring videos from YouTube can sometimes result in a longer sync time.

If your content shows as "pending", it is still in the queue to be synced and processed into Rumble. There's nothing else to be done at this stage but wait for the sync feature to do its job.

While we continue to improve our services as we grow, here are some things to consider when using YouTube sync:

  1. Videos get processed in reverse chronological order, from newest to oldest. Newer videos take priority over older videos. That's why after starting the sync you will see your new videos transfer to Rumble faster than videos predating the sync date.
  2. Rumble optimizes and queues millions of video transfers to Rumble from YouTube. Sometimes a larger volume of transfers may result in longer transfer times originating from either Rumble or YouTube.
  3. Once videos have been synced to Rumble from YouTube, they cannot be modified by YouTube. The synced videos are not linked to nor dependent on their YouTube versions, meaning that any action taken on your original YouTube videos has no effect on your transferred Rumble videos. Please note that the sync feature cannot transfer videos that have been removed from YouTube without having already been synced.

IMPORTANT: Do not wait for the sync feature to transfer critical videos as the process may not complete the transfers in time. If you have videos that need to be published on Rumble immediately, or if you need to preserve them for the future, we recommend that you upload the video to Rumble using the manual uploader here