Rumble Rank is a very complex algorithmic ranking system created by Rumble, and it’s one of the many tools we have at our disposal that sets us apart from most sites on the web.

 Every video you upload is run through our ranking algorithm to predict not only how well it may perform, but it also looks at over 200 different factors, including but not limited to: examining the actual video content and quality, auditing past and present behavior of the uploader; and predicting how videos perform across Rumble and 3rd party websites by comparing hundreds of features against some of the world’s best video databases.

 So not only is your video examined on its own merit, the more involved you are in the Rumble community and the more videos you upload, the better your chance at a higher reach across all of our platforms and partners is.

Our best advice for creators?

Make high quality videos that people want to watch & share, and Rumble will do the rest.