Limited distribution means that your video has been selected for distribution on We will also make the video available to all partners on a request basis. Other sites and partners can also come to Rumble to choose your video a la carte to showcase in their sites.

Full distribution includes all the benefits mentioned above plus Rumble’s more targeted YouTube channels and our more than 200 partners such as AOL, MSN and Yahoo! and others. Full distribution means that the video performed extremely well with our Rumble Rank and has passed all criteria for us to push it with full strength. This may translate into a much bigger audience and higher earnings. In this case we will proactively distribute your video to our partners, as opposed to the passive approach Limited distribution takes. also has the one of the highest per-view payouts (CPM), which means that at times, 1,000 views on may earn you as much as 10,000 views on YouTube.