Static Stream Key: So what is it?

The static stream key represents a universal stream URL and key that will never have to change: you no longer have to copy and paste a new URL and key in your streaming software to go live every time.

You simply “set and forget it”

How does it work?
In a nutshell, your static key and stream URL acts as a proxy, or redirect, to work for any live stream you create, across any of the channels for your user account. There are two primary use cases for using a static stream key:

1. Videos created manually - when you create a new live stream on Rumble, whether
going live “NOW” or upcoming in the future, your static stream key will always work.

2. Associating a live stream template to your static key - If you associate a live stream
template to your static key, you can simply “GO LIVE” from your streaming software and a new stream will be created on Rumble automatically based on the attributes of the template. You do not have to create the video on Rumble, let alone go to Rumble at all with this use case.

How to setup a static stream key:
1. Visit the “Static Stream Key” section which is now under the “Live Streaming”
settings section.
2. Click the “Create new static stream key” button.
3. *Optionally associate a live stream template to your static key using the dropdown
4. Copy the new URL and key to your streaming software.

Note: You can ignore the URL and key that is generated each time you create a video on Rumble. Remember that the static URL and key is essentially a redirect. However, if something goes wrong with trying to connect with your static stream key, your first course of action should be to use the key generated for the stream, which was the previous workflow.

You can always delete your static key to revoke access from any source that has it. It is good to routinely do so. Consider it like a password.