You'll have the option when creating your livestream to stream immediately or to stream at a later time (up to 24 hours into the future).

 * Rumble is compatible with all streaming software providers that use the RTMP streaming protocol, including OBS, StreamYard, Restream, and others.


 Steps to set up a Live Stream:

  1. Go to once you're logged in.
  2. Select the Camera + icon top right side of the page, then select Go Live. The desktop app will display the Set Up a Live Stream page.

  3. Enter the following information:

    • Title
    • Description
  4. Select SELECT A PLACEHOLDER VIDEO to upload a video with a duration of up to 60 seconds. The video clip will act as a placeholder that will loop before the stream starts.
  5. Select the channel you want to stream from under the STREAM AS drop-down menu. If you don't have a channel available, select the option, "Yourself". This is where your subscribers will see the stream/video.

  6. Under the section WHEN DO YOU WANT TO GO LIVE, you have two options:

    - select Right now to begin livestreaming immediately
    - select Later time to schedule your livestream for up to 24 hours in advance.

  7. Optionally select the option to hide the live replay of the stream.

  8. Select Next.

  9. Select your licensing option:
    - Rumble Only
    - Personal Use

  10. Select SUBMIT

  11. Select GET THE STREAMER CONFIGURATION to display the Stream URL (RTMP) and Stream Key.

    Use these values provided in the streamer configuration to configure your streaming software.

--- Detailed video instructions here.