As we all know, a good description can make a big difference on our platform given its importance in engaging viewers and also allowing your video to be found via other websites. Especially now that search engines have updated their requirements to improve content delivery to users as a way to keep them watching. (Simply said, the easier your video is found, the more views it’s likely to get).

We want to make sure our creators have access to tools that will increase their video’s engagement. One way to do this is to write a detailed description of at least 500 words including relevant tags to help search engines find your videos.

Rumble creators have often expressed that writing these descriptions for their own videos can sometimes be a little challenging, so today we are launching a new function for Rumble users to contribute descriptions across all Rumble videos for additional earnings.

This means our Rumble community will become more collaborative as users can create written content for each others videos and earn $5USD for each approved description. Rumble administrators will review, and approve or reject descriptions according to our guidelines. Users will receive payment immediately after approval of their video description.

The process to submit a video description will be as follows:

  1. Browse videos open for content submission by selecting “Write Article” in the navigation menu.
  2. Watch the Video
  3. On the video pages look for ‘“Write Article” button below the video itself.
    • If it's green with a $ sign that means the description will be compensated if approved.
    • If there's no button, that means we're not actively looking for a description for this video.
  4. Enter a minimum 500 word count description, check for spelling and grammar errors and hit submit!

Once submitted you can see a list of all contributions under account navigation "Content Contribution" tab. All submitted content will be listed by video and date of submission. You’ll be able to see the status of your submission - pending, approved or rejected. Like uploading video process you can only edit the description while it’s pending. Earnings will appear in the transactions tab once the description is approved, (description approval time frame is still to be determined)

We hope that by enabling this collaboration and providing a reward to do so, we can help our creators reach new levels of engagement everywhere online. In the coming week we’ll be posting another article with helpful hints and tips for writing engagement articles!

Community Contribution - The Writing Guide

Word count requirement minimum is 500 words.

The easiest way to get started is to just describe what happens in the video. The description is designed to sell the reader on watching the video, so tell them what happened, make it sound interesting, and be detailed! Remember, boring isn’t going to cut it. You can be funny, you can have an opinion, and, most importantly, you should engage with your reader!

If you are intimidated by the idea of writing 500 words, try adding some structure. The old standard 5-paragraph essay is a classic that actually comes in handy when writing video descriptions. If you follow the outline below, you should easily be able to fill out 500 words.

  1. Start with an intro, writing about the video topic and leading up to what the content of the video is about.
  2. Then, use your second paragraph to describe the video contents. You can go into some detail here, and remember that jokes are totally fine.
  3. Next, have an opinion on the video or bring in other facts. If you thought something was ridiculous, you can say that. If the same channel has a related video, mention it and say something about it. Or, give us further details that we might not know about something from the video.
  4. Paragraph four can move away from the specific content a little. Grab onto a theme or topic from the video and go into a little more detail. Explain how it’s related and how that item or idea plays in. Use examples if possible.
  5. Finally, conclude. What is the moral of the story? Or did learn anything from the video? Would you watch this or another video again? Or just ask the audience a relevant question to wrap up.

This is an example of just one way to write a description, so feel free to deviate from this structure. What’s important is that your description is an easy, entertaining read. A few more guidelines about the content of your description:


  • Be funny
  • Be relevant
  • Be readable
  • Go into detail
  • Have an opinion
  • Use correct spelling and grammar
  • Be factual


  • Swear (even little swears)
  • Reference race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability
  • Mention tobacco, alcohol, weapons, or drug use or paraphernalia
  • Get political
  • Mention sexual topics
  • Get gory or gross, or describe anything that may be upsetting
  • Submit low-effort descriptions