Rumble collects ad revenue from its various partners at varying times (depending on each partner's payout policy), then we send out payments to our creators as we receive them. This is known as estimated earnings, it means we've received your earnings but they're not ready to be withdrawn or cashed out yet..

Estimated earnings are paid out monthly, this means that it takes 30 days after the end of the month in which we received money from your videos for the payments to become finalized (ready to be cashed out by you). (For example, earnings received by Rumble in January are paid out to your Rumble account at the beginning of March).

Once you’ve receive your finalized earnings in Your Rumble account and have at least $50 in earnings, you can start the process you cash out via PayPal or Payoneer,

Cashout requests normally take between 8 to 14 days to be deposited into your PayPal or Payoneer account.



To cashout go to your account dashboard and click cashout at the top. This will only show up if you have earnings ready for withdrawal.

To add your PayPal or Payoneer address to your Rumble account, go to your Account Options.


Earnings from ad revenue > estimated earnings > finalized earnings > Your PayPal/Payoneer



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