The license that has the potential to bring in the most in revenue for the creator is the Exclusive Video Management license, will take care of the full distribution of the video across our network. This includes: YouTube, Rumble’s own website as well as our 3rd party partners such as MSN, Yahoo, AOL and others.

When you pick this option, you are giving Rumble the exclusive rights to represent your video and help promote it to as many broadcasters and websites as possible. The more we promote and license this video, the more popular it becomes, and the more you can earn. If you have a really good video, this is by far the best option for you. may send a copyright claim for your video in YouTube, this is the step we take to monetize it in their platform.

A second option is the Video Management (excluding YouTube) license which is the same as the Exclusive Video Management license except the videos do not get distributed on YouTube.

The third licensing option is the Rumble Player license. This option excludes YouTube and all 3rd party partners outside Rumble’s platform. The video is monetized on only and it is a non-exclusive license, meaning the creator can still manage their content on other media platforms on their own.

The fourth option is Personal Use: with this option, you retain full control and all rights. Rumble will not partake in any monetization relating to your content (meaning video ads won't be shown on your content). Rumble will only retain the license to show your video on and the video will receive no promotion but you can share the videos yourself. Videos and livestreams under the Personal Use license won't show in categories and subcategories, and views/stats are not tracked on these videos.

This kind of video will be available to anyone who is subscribed to you or you channels or anyone with the direct link.

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